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MEDHANE – “Lucy”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 14, 2016

MEDHANE is far from a trap rapper, but when push comes to shove and wanting to try something new turns to light experimentation, the Brooklyn native side stepped his dusty, soulful sound and delivered vibes from the bando with his latest single, “Lucy.”

“It’s just fun to try new things,” MEDHANE said in an email about “Lucy.” He spits “I need a G5/shit, I need me like five /so I’ll make 50 off five,” somewhat as a tongue-in-cheek take on the music stylings that are popular in hip-hop today. While many make music trying to make it seem like they tote guns, deal drugs and stack money when reality says different, MEDHANE seems very aware he’s not — nor will ever be — that. “It’s kind of just a fun song to turn up to or go do bad shit to or whatever, you know?”

“Lucy” will land on the rapper’s MEDTAPE, which is set to land by the summertime. Stream the CZARQUAN-produced single below.