Supa Bwe & Taylor Bennett – “Show Me”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 14, 2016

Two budding talents from Chicago, Supa Bwe and Taylor Bennett, the younger brother of Chance the Rapper, join for the ambient and groovy “Show Me” produced by HOME.

Asking that the people who interact with them show them something they’ve never seen before, whether it’s an enticing aspect of a relationship, an idea, etc., the two seem to be fed up with people coming around them trying to capitalize off and be a part of the success they’ve built with their hard work. The two delivered their sentiments over production that sounds like it came from an electronic ballad from 1986, so it’s a new sound for both to survey.

According to FakeShoreDrive, my favorite Chicago plug, there’s been a rumor of a collaboration project called SupaTay between these two, and there’s no denying the two mesh well. “Show Me” definitely doesn’t sound like a one-off, either.

Can we expect more from these two? I wouldn’t mind it. Listen to “Show Me” below.