Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid [Episode 2]

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 15, 2016

Aesop Rock continues to get therapy from Dr. Izzo, PhD, an animated bear, in the second episode of his The Impossible Kid web series in support of his upcoming album of the same name out March 25. In the latest episode, Aesop delves into his feelings about musicians and how, first and foremost, they chase celebrity rather than care about the music they make.

“They’re all psychopaths,” he says as he’s talking to an animated bear doctor. He says he hates having to be fake in order to get his work, which he isn’t even sure he’s proud of, promoted. These are the kind of thoughts, it seems, independent artists like Aesop often have, especially as they get older and deeper into their careers. Is it all worth it? Is what they’re doing what they’re meant to be doing?

Check out last week’s session here, and watch Episode 2 below.