Cam’ron Debuts ‘Giles Investigations’ Web Series

blame it on Meka March 17, 2016

The things you find when you’re not even looking for it…

I’ve never seen a single episode of “Money & Violence,” which has gone from a YouTube sensation to a regular series on TIDAL. It’s not because I don’t think I would enjoy it, it’s just that… well, I never thought twice about watching it. If anything, its somewhat crude-ish nature reminded me of another web series that never took off: Cam’ron‘s “First Of The Month.” Originally planned as a monthly, Cam ultimately canceled things after the second episode due to his (literal) Cousin Bang getting locked up. Since then he’s popped up periodically on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, but not much has come from him since.

Until, now. After I hopped on YouTube to search for something totally unrelated (it was for an old Dave Hollister song. Seriously), among the many clips in the “Recommended” section was this apparently new drop from KILLA!, “Giles Investigations.” As with everything Cam has done, this is steeped deeply in his trademark brand of extremism, but for an entirely different reason: he shows a vintage (circa 2006) “day in the life” with one of his former “customers” who was once a marginally successful comedian. It’s… pretty depressing to watch, to be honest, if we’re being honest. Alas, check it out below.