Trey Songz Covers David Bowie’s “Life On Mars?”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 17, 2016

Since David Bowie’s passing in January, artists worldwide have shown their love and appreciation for the British rockstar’s career. Trey Songz is the latest with an opportunity to show his admiration with a cover of Bowie’s “Life On Mars?” The cover will land in this week’s episode of HBO’s Vinyl.

“I was honored that the producers thought of such a legend and myself in the same breath. I had to do what I do best, because Icons like David paved the way,” Songz told Complex, who premiered the cover. “After learning of his passing I knew that this was a special moment in time and this cover became my personal tribute to David. Experiences like this have helped to shape my future and respect the past of others before me.”

The cover stays true to the original, offering an acoustic version with simply the piano progression and Trey’s voice. This is one of Bowie’s best and most influential songs, and Trey Songz did it justice.