Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro – “The Rotten Apple” f. Prodigy

blame it on JES7 March 19, 2016

No matter who you ask, you will always receive strikingly different answers on what makes New York unique. No two answers can be alike. Every new day is a sudden shift in reality; a lengthy walk through an alley of cultural differences and diverse tax brackets. There’s a discernible contrast seen when you look at the City That Never Sleeps through the lenses of its inhabitants and visitors.

When viewed through the eyes of a typical Wall Street stock broker schmuck, life is grandiose and money ain’t a thang. Situate yourself on just the other side of the city and life can look like one big nightmare, where days seem to blend in to each other.

Infamous Mobb’s Big Twins and L.A. producer Twiz the Beat Pro, with some help from Prodigy — help paint a practical portrait of the sometimes hellish life that can be found just a stone’s throw away on “The Rotten Apple.”

Look out for Twin Gambino’s TNT arriving April 1st through Sound Unity Entertainment.