Bryant Dope – “Things I’ve Seen”

blame it on JES7 March 19, 2016

Blink, and you might miss it all in a New York minute. Or so the famous turn-of-phrase goes.

However, growing up in an environment where things are “Q.U. Hectic” — life, which would otherwise seem mundane to the every-day man living it, can sometimes crawl to a snail’s pace. When bullets are ricochetting around you and violence permeates every crevice in your neighborhood, time can seem like you’re living in a real life Matrix film. Details become much more vivid, and the shock of seeing such things can quickly diminish as one adjusts and becomes numb to it.

Bryant Dope shares these type of thoughts on “Things I’ve Seen” as he reflects on life lessons learned while standing on a single corner block. Listen to the soulful, JLL-produced cut below and count your blessings. Everyday.