2 Chainz “Explainz” Brokered Conventions

blame it on Meka March 21, 2016

Alongside Cam’ron, it now appears that Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show has enlisted in the services of one 2 Chainz. Their correspondent during this murky Presidential race, Young Tauheed has taken to breaking down otherwise complicated terms and practices for the rest of us on the show, essentially showing just how convoluted things really are.

After describing what the suspension of Ben Carson’s campaign truly meant, Teta returned to the show to explain what a brokered convention — or, what essentially happens if none of the candidates has the required amount of delegates to secure the Presidential nomination — was. It’s a very Byzantine practice, and it essentially suggests that the people’s votes would not matter at the day’s end should a brokered convention actually take place. Gotta love America!