Jay Electronica Is Going On Tour

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 23, 2016

Scene: My backyard, holding a phone to my left ear and sipping on green tea in the other. I’m getting over a cold. 

“Has Jay Electronica dropped that album yet,” my mom asked during our phone conversation the other day.

“Nope, but he did come after Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent about a month ago,” I responded. “He said Kendrick’s fans are saying he’s better than him, when he thinks quite the opposite.”

“Well, surely he’s dropped some heat over the last couple years to keep fans in check, right?”

“Yeah, but not nearly enough, and it’s only added to the ‘where the album at, tho?’ chants.”

“You know,” my mom said, pretty exhausted at saying this for the 375,582th time, “He does need to drop that album.”

This is what a conversation with my mother might have gone like the other day if she dabbled in rap during her 40s rather than country music. Instead, we talked about taxes and how I need to set up an appointment at the eye doctor. Adult stuff.

And if I were to call her again today, in this fictional world, and tell her Jay Electronica was going on tour, the commentary would move from tired to irate. “What album is he supporting?” “I get he needs to keep his brand up until this album drops, but doesn’t he realize the potential release of the album is carrying most of the weight of the brand?”

I know, Mom.

Anyway, it was recently announced Jay Electronica will tour five cities over the course of the next 30 days. Starting in San Francisco on March 30, Jay ElecYarmulke will finish his tour in Sacramento after hitting up Seattle, Chicago and San Diego.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below, and head to Tastemaker Live to purchase tickets. My mom will not be attending any of the dates.