Like (of Pac Div) Goes “EATIN'” With JDDC

blame it on Meka March 31, 2016

I can imagine how difficult it is to be a vegan. I personally don’t eat red meat or pork (red meat because I started getting sick more frequently; pork because, well, I worked at Pizza Hut at one point *shudders*), and that can be difficult at times when my familial background involves a lot of both animals in the diet. On top of that, when one travels as frequently as I do, it gets even harder to maintain a health-conscious mentality.

Like, similar to other rappers such as Raury and Waka Flocka, adopts a vegan lifestyle. Participating in director Jerome D’s new series, “EATIN’,” he takes viewers on a trip to Los Angeles restaurant LA Vegan on its debut episode. Mexican food-based, he orders some tacos which admittedly look amazing and tasty. He also breifly talks about his upcoming musical plans (including his recent release, the DopeHouse-premiered Emeralds)… wait… did he say he has a “group album” coming out? Is it…