T-Pain – “Hundred Mo Dolla$” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 31, 2016

Hey, T-Pain. Can we just get Stoicville: The Phoenix already? I really don’t mean to rush, but damnit, it’s been five years since a T-Pain album. So far this year, the Tallahassee mega-influence has delivered the tender and intimate “Officially Yours” and “Hundred Mo Dolla$,” and they’re both flames in their own respects. (Though, if I had to guess, neither will land on the album.) The latter, which follows the story of a man regretting wasting $100 at the strip club, now has a self-directed video, too.

Teddy Pain spoke to Dazed, who premiered the video, about the direction and influence of the strip club setting despite the song coming off as an anti-strip-club tune:

Stripping? That shit is a skill, and physically is damn near a sport when you consider the strength and creativity those women use to entertain us on the pole. I wanted to explore and celebrate the art and beauty inside of that. … [When asked about his influences]: In short? Burlesque. From their use of feathers, props and lighting to the overall “now you see me, now you don’t” sense of sex and mystery Burlesque dancers present, it gives a rush because it becomes more sexy not seeing everything at once as they dance.

Watch the video above, and if I had to guess, we’ll probably get another T-Pain mixtape pretty soon.