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Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro Live To Die on New ‘TNT’ Album

blame it on JES7 April 1, 2016

Wikipedia states that “the explosive yield of” the chemical compound known as Trinitrotoluene, or TNT “is considered to be the standard measure of bombs and other explosives.” (I probably just got put on some government watchdog’s persons-of-interest list for Googling that).

That definition alone is appropriate, considering the fact that what you’re about to experience is quite hazardous to any fuckboy rapper within a 20 yard blast radius. As Missy Elliot once stated, “Run for cover motherfucker!”

Infamous Mobb’s Big Twins and LA producer Twiz the Beat Pro did not create this collaborative album for the average rap fan who digests music in increments. Rather, it was created for the Grown Man Rap coalition who likes their Hip-Hop dark and gritty, with a small side order of ignorance.

If you’ve already heard the first three singles (“Straight Face,” “The Rotten Apple” featuring Prodigy and the Alchemist and Evidence-featured “Take Away the Lies“), then you already know what kind of ride you’re in for.

Stream the album which “also features a noteworthy guest lineup, which includes Ras Kass, Gibby, Prodigy, Tri-State, Killer Ben, Godfather Pt. III (of Infamous Mobb), Evidence, Alchemist, Co$$, and LMNO” below, and purchase it on iTunes now.

Take a stroll through the darkside in their “Paranoid” visual below.