Scotty ATL – “Clockin In” f. BJ the Chicago Kid

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 1, 2016

So I was driving around town for a couple hours yesterday, and playlist pops up on Apple Music: “Behind The Boards: Polow Da Don.” And what’s the first song on there? Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s,” also known as the Southern gem of the 2000s. As any proper human being would do, I tried to listen 236,297 times, but Apple Music said the “file was damaged” and it wouldn’t play. I close Apple Music and open it again — same thing. I’m trying for the rest of the night to play “Throw Some D’s,” and the damn thing just wouldn’t let me. “Pimpin’ All Over The World”? Sure, I spun it. “Get Buck” got ran back twice. “Drop” got a couple plays, too. But not “Throw Some D’s.”

And what’s all of this leading to? Well Scotty ATL dropped a new song, “Clockin In,” today, and maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to feed this Rich Boy fix I’ve been itching for over the last 24 hours, but it’s giving me vibes of the Mobile, Alabama native, which is never a bad thing. The song is all about making money (Scotty says it’s “the first thing you play when you wake up, and the last thing you play b4 you clock in”), and it’s wrapped around slow-tempo production led by blaring low-pitched horns. While it’s not as triumphant, think “Let’s Get This Paper.” BJ the Chicago Kid drops by the song to echo Scotty’s sentiments, but this is all about Scotty’s flow and sound.

The point is: I dig it, and I really hope you do, too. Now let me go finally bump “Throw Some D’s.” Stream “Clockin In” below.