Rappers Doing Good: Snoop Dogg Will Save Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles If Need Be

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 1, 2016

Now typically when we post a rapper doing something good, the action has taken place or the money has been committed to doing it. For example, frequent Rapper Doing Good 2 Chainz bought a family a house and helped another with a disabled child. Puff Daddy is building a school. J. Cole visited a cancer patient. This time around, though, the action hasn’t been done, and hopefully, it doesn’t need to be.

It was reported earlier in the week Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles — a staple in the Los Angeles food experience — may or may not be forced to close down because its parent company, East Coast Foods Inc. (odd name, right?), filed for bankruptcy. It’s not clear on how much it will affect the iconic LA restaurant, which I’ve been to once, wanted nothing else to eat for the rest of the trip BUT chicken and waffles and plan(ned?) on going back during my next trip to the Left Coast, will be affected. But no matter if its forced to close its doors, it seems we have a savior: the one and only Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg.

Uncle Snoop was stopped by TMZ, who informed him of the potential closing of the restaurant. (Watch him take Larry King to eat there in 2012.) “No they didn’t,” he said, shocked. “I guess I’m gonna have to buy it and name it Snoop Dogg’s Chicken & Waffles.”

Yes, please.