Sylvan Lacue – “Back To The City”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 1, 2016

During Sylvan LaCue‘s transition from his QuESt persona, the Miami native was getting over living the Los Angeles lifestyle. He described himself as being “too caught up” living on the West Coast. But now, hungrier than he’s ever been, he discovered the best remedy to become yourself again is to revisit your upbringings. And that’s the central theme revolving around his newest joint.

“Back To The City” is a venting session. “I have never heard anyone outside of Miami really display a sense of hunger the way that Miami artists do,” LaCue told Okayplayer, who premiered the song. He used the production from Linzi Jai and Wishlade to showcase exactly why he and and the “city of gold teeth and mangos” stand out.

Lacue’s Far From Familiar is set to land April 8.