So, The Hamburger Helper Glove Dropped A Mixtape…

blame it on Meka April 2, 2016

Seriously, this is one of the more bizarrely entertaining things I’ve come across.

With the advent and advancements of social media, some of the biggest Big Brother-esque corporations have tried to incorporate them into their own business model in an attempt to “connect” with today’s younger demographics. However they — more often than not — come across as extremely patronizing, as well as culturally insulting and borderline offensive. The one very rare (no pun intended) exception, however, has been the Twitter account of the Hamburger Helper glove. Also known as Lefty, the account’s interactions with the community at large is natural, comes across as unforced, and actually feels like that there is an actual resident of the urban demographic controlling it.

And, the account is actually very humorous to boot.

For a while, Lefty had been promoting that he(?) would be releasing a mixtape, previewing it on its Twitter for weeks. It felt like a rather elaborate joke, actually. And when he(?) announced that it would drop on April Fool’s Day, it only made it a more convenient gag. But lo and behold the mixtape arrived, and for all intents and purposes? It’s a very entertaining listen.

It culls influences from today’s hip hop sounds, but also incorporates the fact that a: it’s a giant, four-fingered, anthropomorphic glove, b: it’s a giant, four-fingered, anthropomorphic glove that is the face of a line of General Mills packaged food. So, songs like “Feed The Streets” (which is fire flames, by the way) will have lines like “Water whippin’ and I’m stirrin'” and it isn’t rapping about what we automatically associate when we hear that. There’s also Auto-Tuned crooning (“In Love With The Glove”), Migos-esque trap stylings (“Hamburger Helper”), and even a song about positivity and mental uplifting (“Food For Your Soul”). And all of this is done with the upmost seriousness, and while it technically is a joke project it doesn’t feel like it at all. If an unsuspecting person heard “Feed The Streets” or “Hamburger Helper” at a party or on the radio, the person likely wouldn’t expect that it comes from a mixtape by the Hamburger Helper glove.

Give it a listen, you will not be disappointed.

Even better? Lefty dropped a pair of videos, for “In Love With The Glove” and “Crazy.” Watch those below.