D. Dove – CHISH (Album)

blame it on JES7 April 3, 2016

San Diego newcomer D. Dove, who has been gripping microphones and putting pen to paper since the age of 14, makes her debut appearance at the DopeHouse. Best known for her acclaimed record “ScrewgMcDovey” produced by Factor Chandelier, Dove, who is affiliated with Kahlee‘s The Fresh State collective, links with producer DJ Alec Tramlife for her new EP, CHISH.

The international release opened doors for her to tour nationwide and develop an organic following and a reputation for staying true to her artform. D. Dove has landed high profile touring slots, radio plays, numerous radio interviews, podcasts, magazine articles and blog write-ups. She has also had her music featured in an award winning international graffiti documentary, all the while remaining mysterious to viewers.

“I’m always asked why I don’t have a larger social media presence. I’m not anti-internet/social media — I’ve just been able to do so much without it. I work with people in my natural community and I’ve built a rolodex from touring. Those real life connections are responsible for every bit of my success. I’m sure having more internet followers can’t hurt, but at the same time being a private person has never hindered my growth or opportunities,” reveals Dove.

Listen to the project below.