Watch A Teaser For Season 3 Of Starz’ ‘POWER’

blame it on Meka April 5, 2016

Although both the NBA and NFL are relatively inactive during the summer, that usually means that other television shows and events take precedence for the couch potatoes of the world DopeHouse. One such show that has caught the attention here has been Starz’ hit series POWER. Whose who haven’t been able to catch the show (and, at this point, shame on you) will be pleased to know that alongside announcing that they have launched their own standalone streaming service similar to HBO GO the premium cable channel Starz has debuted the first look into the show’s upcoming third season.

While the 50 Cent-produced series did not reveal its debut date (outside of a target return of July), it did give an insight into what exactly will happen. If you’ve not watched the second season none of this will make too much sense, but those who are fans of the show will be treated to a hype-inducing 46 seconds below.

Speaking of Curtis, I wonder how he’ll play into the third season…