Russ – “Manifest”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 5, 2016

I’ve gotta be real. If this is your first visit a page with Russ at the DopeHouse, you’ve missed out on about 75 songs over the last year and a half. And if you need some help catching up, check out his last release before this new one, “Yung God,” (UPDATE: of course he dropped a song between that and this. Check out “Lost.” Now back to the post…) and start clicking back until you hit near the beginning of 2014. You can also catch up on his work ethic via out interview with the Atlanta singer/producer/rapper.

Anyway, right on schedule, Russ delivers “Manifest,” where he preaches how sticking to his guns and believing in his own talents is now paying off. Russ has gained a large following on SoundCloud (he’s gotten 3.5k plays in under an hour as of posting), and it’s time to see if those talents can start breaking past those walls.