CHCKLK – “Rising Up”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 6, 2016

Indie singer CHCKLK has slowly built his buzz with a pair of debut singles: “Young Boy” and “The One.” The New York native is back again today with “Rising Up,” his most melodic and bright effort yet.

As hopeful as “Rising Up” sounds, though, it’s a contemplation into death. “We seek fulfillment in different ways, but is it possible to ever be ready for death,” he questioned in an email. The song is driven by soulful synthesizers and ambient drums from Rohme and JSoundz as CHCKLK sings, “we all know what we live for, but no one knows how to die.”

My roommate recently went to an “afterlife dinner,” where they talked about the concept of dying and what their hopes and beliefs in afterlife were over a meal. I asked why he wanted to go, and he said simply because he had never really talked about death beyond mentioning it, and it wouldn’t hurt to go a bit more in-depth with the idea with other people. And he’s right. It doesn’t hurt. And CHCKLK, I assume, would agree.

Stream “Rising Up” below.