Dave East – “Money”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 7, 2016

Scene: Some Fox studio in Atlanta. Steve Harvey walks on stage to film his third Family Fued show of the day.

Alright. Thompson family, Harris family. Come on up.


The leading member of each family comes up to the podium. Steve Harvey explains the rules of the game for the third time today.


Seven answe… Wait. What? One answer on the board? That’s it? You telling me 100 people all had the same answer to this question? Me and my wife can’t even decide where we wanna go for dinner!


Crowd laughs, because they’re used to Steve Harvey’s humor after watching him for three hours.


‘Hey, baby. Where we eating tonight?’ ‘I don’t know, you decide.’ ‘How about Fox Brothers?’ ‘Nah, too heavy.’


Steve gives a deadpan look to the camera to warrant a laugh from everyone.


Anyway, top one answer on the board. Whoever guesses it gets all the points, I guess. “What or who rules the world?”


Jake Thompson hits the buzzer first: “Women!”


“Good answer! Good answer!” Jake’s family yells. “This BETTER be number one,” Harvey jokes before giving another long deadpan look at the camera.


“Is it women?”


A red ‘X’ flashes across the screen.


Melinda (she’s the leading Harris), what or who rules the world?


“Is it money?”


IS IT MONEY, Harvey screams.


ding, ding, ding!

Dave East gets it. (So does Melinda, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The Harlem rapper has kicked off the year remixing the likes of Kanye West, Rihanna, Desiigner and many more, but we haven’t gotten much original solo content following the release his Hate Me Now mixtape. Today, though, he returns with a new single revolving around the idea that money rules everything that happens in the world.

“Money” buys you protection. Money buys you houses. Money buys you weight. Money buys you food. There’s money, and then there’s everything else that helps you make more of it. And right now, Dave East is stacking plenty of it.

Listen to the Buda & Grandz-produced single below.