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Stream P.S. 4080’s ‘ISS’ Mixtape ft. Well$, The Outfit, TX, Cory Gunz & More

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 8, 2016

One time in 9th grade, I got in trouble. There was a substitute teacher, and our class was already terrible with the normal teacher, so we naturally acted a little worse when the sub was there. I wound up getting a day of internal suspension due to my rambunctious activities. And what was it exactly that got me in trouble? I started a sing-along. I started a sing-along to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Ninth grade was lame. I was lame. I probably am still lame. “Lame” is getting in trouble for getting people to sing Journey. “Not lame” is, say, that car chase in L.A. yesterday. If you’re going to get in “trouble,” that’s how you do it. But that’s my story of getting in trouble at school. I digress.

New York-based collective P.S. 4080 are in the business of getting into some trouble. (Their trouble is much different than my version of “trouble.”) In order to get the teacher’s (in this case, the teacher is hip-hop) attention, they’ve riled up some of the hip-hop world’s best up-and-coming talent for the ISS (In School Suspension) mixtape.

Well$, Cory Gunz, The Outfit, TX, BMac the Queen, Fred the Godson, Dom McLennon and many more join the party across the mixtape’s 22 tracks. Stream below, and cop the project on iTunes.