Sylvan LaCue’s ‘Far From Familiar’ LP Is A Guide for Being Yourself

blame it on Meka April 8, 2016

Formerly known as QuESt, Sylvan LaCue has been a travellin’ man like DJ Honda and (the artist formerly known as) Mos Def. At only 25 years old, he signed to Logic‘s Visionary Music Group, moved from his hometown of Miami to California, left VMG, quit partying, moved from California back to Miami, fell in love, and reclaimed his birth name.

LaCue has now chronicled those recent life experiences into his new album, Far From Familiar, his 16-track new release. Keeping things primarily to himself (save for a guest appearance from Mélat), the album is described as “sonically eclectic as it is emotionally revealing.” With previous releases “Emeryville,” “Caravan 04” and “Fall From Grace,” the album’s production is primarily handled by Linzi Jai, Fortune, and Wishlade. Stream it below, then cop a copy via iTunes.