Anecdope: eLZhi Breaks Down ‘Lead Poison’ [Act Three]

blame it on Shake April 11, 2016

Two weeks after launching our Anecdope series with the one and only eLZhi, we’re back with the third and final round with the Detroit spitter.

Once upon a time, when you copped a physical copy of an album, you would dig through the liner notes and find jewels of information about the music you were listening to. Sometimes you would get the lyrics to every song on the album or you’d get an explanation about how the songs were created. For those of us that remember (or, still cop physical copies), reading the liner notes was quite the special and intimate experience. However, with everything going digital, liner notes are a thing of a past.

That’s where we come in.

With our “Anecdope” series, we’ll deliver a digital version of the liner notes of albums from the artists themselves. You’ll get lyrics deciphered and the stories behind the songs on an album.

While Act One covered the first five songs from Lead Poison, and Act Two covered the next six, Act Three focuses on the remaining five tracks—including the previously-released “coSIGN.”



“She Sucks”


The concept came when I was having nightmares, I was eating late—it was a main nightmare I was waking up from. The song is 2 years old and it honestly didn’t take that long to write. I just wanted to make sure I was detailed so people could follow the story. I asked my man Chris Dave and the Drumhedz to get on there and play live instrumentations. They put that on there way after I recorded the record.




It’s one of those records where I felt certain people were hating on me. Certain situations were happening and some people in the industry you reach out to—when it’s not looking good on your end, they are hesitant to show love. It was just me feeling like all I got is my team and God in my corner. That’s all I need.




It comes from dating. It comes from going out there and trying to make a connection with people and it’s not working. How I got the concept to do all the Mis’ like that, I’m thinking “looking for Ms. Right” and all of a sudden all these Mis words started popping up. I would take the words and put them to certain situations that I had. The rest is history.

The song came out exactly how I envisioned in my head. Any time that happens, its always cool.




The poem is from a friend of mine named Thabisile Griffin. She’s good at what she’s does. She’s a master of all trades—one of them being a poet. She heard a couple records and I asked her, based off what she heard and what i was telling her, to write something. She wrote something based on looking at me from the outside looking in and she put it down.

After hearing it from her perspective, how spot on was she?

Yeah, I defiantly felt like that. Roaches in the cereal bowl, snow storms; I can identify with that struggle. I know what that struggle looks like and what it feels like. I felt like she was spot on with it.




That placement was intentional. From The Turning Point to Keep Dreaming; I wanted people to know that I did heal. After you’ve experienced everything that I’ve shared about what I was going through the last few years, I am in a better place. I’m ready to throw my hat back in that ring and get it cracking. That’s the energy I try to give off on the record—to let people know I’m back.

div-line-500 elzhi-planet

So, how does it feel to finally get Lead Poison out? “It feels good,” eLZhi shared. “It’s almost like a birth—you feel like it’s your baby. It feels good. Now that the albums out, it feels like it wasn’t just me getting out what I needed to get out as far as writing; it feels like the process is now complete. It’s all the way out and people can hear it now. Just getting that weight off my shoulders is going make it easier to get off all this new stuff that I want to put out there. Right now I’m working on my next pieces.”

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Pick up Lead Poison on iTunes, and be on the lookout for the next installment of our ANECDOPE series, coming soon.

Illustrated by N8tivAlien. ArtByShake.