DJ Khaled Talks Life On Hot 97

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 12, 2016

The hip-hop world breeds some of the world’s biggest personalities.

On one side of the large, grandiose personality coin, there’s someone like Kanye West, who uses his elevated fame to preach his own vision and beliefs, whether they come off as brash, negative, supportive or what have you.

Then, there’s people like DJ Khaled — a work horse who’s delivered hit after hit for the better part of 15 years whose name is now getting international fame at the age of 40. And he’s a guy who uses his platform to preach nothing but positivity. Can his schtick get a little annoying? VEGAN ALERT. You’re damn right it can. But when you step back, you realize Khaled’s a guy whose been spinning records for 25 years, working his way up the ladder and is finally hitting the success and global reach he envisioned for himself and We The Best Music.

A couple months back the hype train surrounding Khaled’s vibrant persona came to life in an interview with Hot 97, where terms like “Cloth Talk” started popping up. This morning, he stopped by the station six months later, which has found him on magazine covers, signed to Epic Records, the top star of Snapchat among other business ventures.

“If you wanna talk business, holler at my manager. You might know him. His name is Jay Z,” Khaled said during the interview, and that just about sums it up. If you don’t like Khaled on Snapchat or care for him, then the talk isn’t much for you. But if you’re all for straight preaching, watch the 45-minute conversation below.