New Era Honors Kobe Bryant With A Pair of Hats Worth A New Corvette

blame it on Meka April 12, 2016

GQ was on to something with their urban version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, “Most Expensivest Sh*t.” Hosted by expert in exorbitance — and Nightly Show political explainer2 Chainz, the show him trying out pricey versions of the most normal things, be it feeding pet giraffes, smoking out of bongs made from angel wings (I think), or drinking vodka with a diamond thrown in the glass because why not.

Well, after a brief hiatus Gentlemen’s Quarterly returns with its Rap Game Robin Leach-reared show for a third season, and it is quite fitting (no pun intended) that it begins with an ode to NBA great Kobe Bryant. As he prepares for his final basketball game as a player, Bryant and New Era designed a pair of fitted caps to honor his storied career. And by “design” I mean “cram with as much lamb skin, cashmere, gold and diamonds as possible into some headwear,” as these two hats are nowhere near the normal price point of a cap one would grab from Papi at the corner store on Broadway and 140th: the two retail at a little over sixty-two thousand.


At this point, anybody with locks — including myself — shouldn’t ever try to wear fitteds anyways as you’ll just end up looking like you’re wearing those weird du-rags with the visor brim on them instead. But, I’m digressing.

Beamer, Benz or… Fitted Hat?

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