Stream Tobias’ Self-Titled, Made-For-Cassette Project

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 15, 2016

Cassette tapes seem to be getting popular again. Just as vinyl have had their recent renaissance over the past couple years, the format that started to slowly phase them out decades ago is gaining a bit of steam, too. Blu, Open Mike Eagle, Milo and many more have started offering cassettes as another audio outlet. Hell, even Eminem is re-issuing The Slim Shady LP on cassette. Which is what makes Tobias’ new project pretty interesting.

The New York producer’s new self-titled project was released as two audio files, “Side A” and “Side B.” Both sides run equal time, “A” containing three songs and “B” having four. The songs on both sides run smoothly into each other, and there’s a light layer of dust atop the whole experience, just as if the whole thing were being run on a tape deck. Scratchy, dusty songs flowing together with ease and being sold on a cassette isn’t anything new, but it’s definitely something unusual and eye-catching in the year 2016.

Naturally, the project is being sold on cassette via EveryDejaVu, and you can cop it on Bandcamp. Stream Tobias below, and jump the stream to check out the tracklist — which features a song with MEDHANE and Caleb Giles.

Side A
1) Fog Chamber
2) Real
3) Blackberry

Side B
1) Giant’s Intro
2) An Abjection
3) Til It’s Over ft. Caleb Giles and MEDHANE
4) Passing On