The Musical Geniuses of Beethoven & Kanye West Clash In One Night Only ‘Yeethoven’ Event

blame it on JES7 April 17, 2016

Kanye West may not be in the good graces of the general public, and even most fans these days, but despite his ofttimes hilarious Twitter trolling, stream-of-consciousness rants and his constant flip-flopping — one cannot deny his musical creativity. Some would, dare I say, call him a genius.

Saturday evening, the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles played host to a one-night only event, organized by the Young Musicians Foundation. Led by conductor Yuga Cohler, the 70-piece orchestra dedicated the night to music lovers in attendance by fusing the collective brilliance of Beethoven and Yeezy for a six-song performance, including an incredible mashup of “Hold My Liquor” and “Symphony No.5, op. 67,” “New Slaves” and “Overture to Egmont, op. 84” as well as “On Sight” and “String Quartet No. 14” — the latter which got a standing ovation. Watch their stirring performance up top, with even more clips below.

Now, the question remains, did Kanye see this? And if he did, did he enjoy it? Will he now compare himself to Beethoven. And even Mozart? The answer to these questions is a resounding “Probably. Yes.” After all, we do know Yeezy loves him a large, orchestral ensemble.