Red Cafe – “I Just Hit A Lick” (Video)

blame it on Meka April 18, 2016

This video, taken from Red Cafe‘s mixtape Dope God, is the literal incarnation of when someone in the crew is given a camera and is told “tape whatever you see happens to us for the next several hours.” When the night starts off with some redneck-type of gentleman channeling his inner Hulk Hogan, things are destined to go left in a hurry.

The night is filled with women, high-end champagne, and higher-end weed all from the comfort of Red’s home. In just the opening minuute you see a scantily-clad woman shaking her everything, a bottle of Ace of Spades, a blunt getting rolled, and a yellow beacon light normally used at hazard zones or the strip club. Perhaps that’s a metaphor for something, but I’m too hungry to decipher its full meaning at the moment.