Fred the Godson & Locksmith – “No Rules” f. Mally Stakz

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 19, 2016

Fred the Godson and Locksmith aren’t the most well-known names in the hip-hop world, and that’s probably why they have this chip on their shoulder. The two are frequent visitors of the DopeHouse, and they come together for a vicious tune, “No Rules.”

There’s no reason this song shouldn’t gravitate to many in the different modern-day realms of the hip-hop world. For one, the two emcees are absolutely spitting over whaling, guitar-driven production from the Heatmakerz. And they’re brought together by an infectious, sing-songy hum from Mally Stakz. “Whatchu know about having to watch your back from them same n*ggas you came up with in the sandbox? Ain’t no rules in the jungle,” Stakz delivers on the hook, splitting the two boastful verses and adding a layer of street knowledge to the song.