Jared Evan – “Speak Your Language”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 20, 2016

Jared Evan‘s newest cut, “Speak Your Language,” was inspired by a meeting a woman on tour in Germany with Hoodie Allen. “I had a realization that even though we both couldn’t understand each other, feelings were still able to be felt and recognized,” he said.

The producer/signer from New York’s new tune follows a formula familiar to a couple of his recent loosies, “Sunday Morning” and “Hangover” — they’re pop songs led by bright, feel-good production and lyrics full of ambiguity and hope, and that shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. As Evan’s grown as an artist, it’s been clear he’s been able to catch on to a formula and inject his personal experiences into the equation to make for decent, catchy songs. “Speak Your Language” is the output of that equation.