Tito Lopez Returns With “U Kno…”

blame it on Meka April 22, 2016

How completely coincidental that I’d been thumbing through the past discography of Tito Lopez as I’d not heard from him in a mighty long time. Fortunately those sentiments were echoed from the Mississippi emcee, as he returns with “U Kno…”

For two straight minutes Tito goes absolutely bananas , which instantly begets the questions “Where have you been? And can we get more of this? Hopefully Tito reads this and is compelled to release more music in the very near future.

A BidduhhFilms Original: U Kno… (Thugz Cry)

Steppin’ onto the porch in the morning, yawning, let’s say this prayer
Tryna take in light and I’m tryna taste the air
Forgive trespasses of f****** who wasn’t playing fair
Lord I came in this bitch humble, now watch me take it there
“Pussy and Paper is Poetry, Power, and Pistols”
Plotting on murdering motherfuckers ‘fore they get you
See GOD in the sky and the government wanna call it “missiles”
See GOD in myself and they try and tell me I got issues…FUCK EM
Fine linen, fine women, sinning, quit pretending
You wildin’ and still smiling, hey Mama we still winning
Beginning and ending, first and the last, Alpha LO-mega
Soul in the package store, but the flow in every bodega
Left-hand Lacey, Bleek (bleak) when niggas think they’re right
Ride for my side, boy we got the HEART and we got the LIGHT
Aye boy it’s south paw, it’s the South’s rawest, can’t outdraw us
It’s in the pocket, pull it, POP ike ‘Pac and them Outlawz
TRILL-uminati, piss on that new Bugatti
Done got arthritis tryna fit GOD in this human body,
This ‘Sippi Summa Cum Laude, pinching the blunt you know I’m alive
They build highways, and they ain’t got enough road for my drive
But that’s ME though, the same TITO,
Skin Brown like Bushido, who the fuck you ‘posed to be though?
I been this way back when Dedeaux…
Road was the furthest my eyes seen
Pab-LO, Black King, Melanin Medellin (yea)
Oh pardon me, I think I’m losing my vision
Got them glasses on that ass, so I can view with precision
Biggest or realest, I think we done come to a decision
I turn around and all the ones I look up to was in prison,
Poverty stricken, kicking this shit ’til I come up missing,
Until my heart give up ticking, put it on my nuts that’s my mission
Done gave up pork, giving up chicken, I gave up hope it wasn’t clickin
Now catch me moving and sticking like Tyson,
Bruising and hitting I’m nice and
Usually spitting that type of scripture that get ya
“Aye Lo can I get up witcha? I just wanna get a picture”
I’m at Dodges with pizza boxes, Coronas and a Swisher
I love my hood, pussy nigga what’s your issue?
As the loud smoke blocking out the sunshine
GREY SKIES, baby cries, stray flies, baby dies, vaporized
Hate and lies…all in my lady’s eyes
As the world keep rolling like Mercedes tires…u kno…u kno