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Jim Hurdle – “Infinity” f. Cnrboy (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 24, 2016

With new blood rising and older ones falling to the wayside, the state of Hawaiʻi has become a fertile breeding ground for untapped talent. Much like our Milk Way galaxy, each generational gap provides stellar evolution — where elder stars become supernovas and the interstellar nebulae gives rise to new stars. There’s a constant flux of energy being transferred. The respected rap elders that have come before, now live vicariously through the new cream of the crop — while the latter will always revere those who came before them. After all, energy cannot be created or destroyed.

At the tail end of March, we introduced you to Hawaiʻi’s latest rising star, Jim Hurdle, who made his DopeHouse debut, delivering a visual for his self-produced single, “OK You Right.” The song made waves locally and abroad, and now, the Texas-born rapper is on the cusp of putting Hawaiʻi on the map permanently, with plans laid out to continue assaulting our eardrums until he’s ready to deliver his final, finished project.

Whereas “OK You Right” unfurled as a more jovial, lighthearted affair — Hurdle’s latest visual is the antithesis to the clichéd white sand beaches, syrupy alcoholic beverages and palm trees. In the monochromatic video — shot by Aloha Hype — Jim shows that there is a real dissimilitude between what the Travel Channel may show you, and what the real Hawaiʻi is like, especially when the Sun goes down.

With fellow local rapper Crnrboy by his side, the two emcees wax poetic about their respected neighborhoods, including Deuce4 aka 24 Block and the 44 block on the Windward side of Oʻahu, pulling back the curtains to reveal what the unkempt streets of downtown Honolulu look like when the freaks come out at night. It’s a dark vignette designed to keep those unfamiliar with our state au courant with what really goes down — as well as a reminder of what Hawaiʻi truly is. This is the (new) place where stars are born (peace to MC Shan).