Lucy Camp Shines Bright On ‘Down Talk’ EP

blame it on Shake April 25, 2016

Meet Lucy Camp, an 18-year-old singer/emcee making her DopeHouse debut with the release of her new EP, Down Talk.

At 5-tracks in total, the quickstrike project—available now via QUINTIC—runs the gamut from darkwave to grime and serves up a healthy portion of juicy sub-bass, ethereal synths, gorgeous vocal samples provided by GrandRiggty & AJ Rice as well as some insanely intricate poetry from the San Jose native herself.

DopeHouse favorite Tonedeff and label-mate Fjer appear on “Be You,” before things come to an end on “Sixteen”—the lead single/closing track that finds Lucy spitting a few bars over the music from Burial’s frantic, dub-step offering, “Archangel.”

Watching the first minute or so of the shot-in-one-take video for “Sixteen” almost gives off a slight Kafkaesque vibe — what with Lucy uttering two words into the camera, and then casually fiddling around at her arts and craft table, all the while a seemingly broken clock sits on the wall behind her.

But there’s layers to this shit.

The QUINTIC signee is a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise gloomy age of zero fucks, who represents the angst we all wish we could have unleashed as teenagers. And citing “Tone the Rapimator” as one of her influences only adds extra points to her name.

Press play on Down Talk below and be on the lookout for Ms. Camp’s next move.


Additional writing from JES7.