Bryson Tiller’s ‘T R A P S O U L’ Has Gone Platinum

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 26, 2016

So Meka just reminded me Bryson Tiller‘s T R A P S O U L went gold a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s platinum. That’s 500,000 copies (both physically and through streaming) in about a month. That’s insane.

In February, the RIAA (the group that awards gold and platinum certifications) announced they’d start allow streams to count toward album sales, much like Billboard did back in 2014 with their counts, and that had to have an impact on Tiller’s skyrocket from gold to platinum. For example, once the rule went in place, it could’ve shot his album “sales” from a couple hundred thousand to well above 500,000, only needing a couple hundred thousand more in sales to push him over the million-sold certification.

Tiller took to Instagram to explain one reason the certification happened so fast. He said the T R A P S O U L actually went gold over a month ago, but “they” wanted Tiller to wait until his Radio City Music Hall concert last week to make it public. And here we are a couple days later celebrating another achievement.

Congrats to Bryson on this accomplishment, though! We’ve still got “Don’t” ringing in our heads.