Cam’ron Provides Theme Song To ‘Huang’s World’

blame it on Meka April 26, 2016

Viceland has slowly eked its way into my normal television rotation in my home, thanks to surprisingly entertaining and informative shows such as “Weediquette,” Ellen Page’s “Gaycation,” and the fashion-oriented “States Of Undress.” I know what you’re saying: what about “F*ck, That’s Delicious” or the “Noisey” series? True, those are interesting watches, but I’ve preferred to watch the programs on topics I may not be entirely familiar with like international fashion or the globe-wide culture of marijuana that is more than just “stoners who get high.”

It’s also known around my circle that I have a never-ending affair with food, and I’m liable to just get stuck on The Cooking Channel on lazy Sundays. Former lawyer-turned-restaurateur-turned-personality, Eddie Huang, has been one of VICE’s more popular faces, and his viral series “Fresh Off The Boat” (not the ABC sit-com based on his childhood) will now come to the channel in the form of “Huang’s World.”

A huge rap fan (visit his Manhattan restaurant, BaoHaus, as proof), one of his favorite rappers — Cam’ron — has contributed to the series with a theme song. Killa gets his, well, Action Bronson on by referencing enough food drops to make any listener hungry. Hear it below.

The first episode of “Huang’s World” can be watched below.