Sylvan LaCue – “Loner” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 26, 2016

Miami’s Sylvan LaCue, formerly known a QuEST, released his Far From Familiar project at the beginning of the month. The project surrounded around a rebirth and re-motivation in making music and in life, and the first track, “Loner,” was one of the LP’s most soul-bearing and cathartic experiences.

Today, he unveils the visual for the album opener, heading to the beach to rid of a past life. In a his best effort to move forward, LaCue drags a past life to the banks of the ocean and let’s it go. While the burial has the opportunity to deject, nothing but hopefulness follows.

Director Jonathan Benavente went into detail behind the meaning of the video:

The visual for “Loner” represents the struggle between hanging on to something too long and letting go in order to progress and move forward. In a more literal sense it is the struggle of moving on from a loved one and fighting to put the good memories aside to understand that in a particular situation the bad might outweigh the good. Human’s by nature don’t like change, even when the change is for the better. Being uncomfortable and unaware of how a situation plays out is not something normal humans gravitate to. That is why when we are put in a position to make a change it isn’t always easy to follow through. What separates the ones who get stuck in an eternal rut and the ones who become great is the ability to find that change and take it head on. In a sense, the willingness to be uncomfortable is actually the key to ultimately getting to a place of real comfort.

Watch the visual above.