Drake Says ‘VIEWS’ Sold Over 600k Copies In One Night

blame it on JES7 April 30, 2016

Whether you love him or hate him, whatever side you may fall on, no one can discredit Drake‘s keen marketing sensibilities when it comes to releasing a new album. Who else can knock nearly all talk of Beyonce’s Lemonade album off social media with such ease — merely one week following its release?

It’s only been a day and some change since Drake released his long-awaited VIEWS album, and according to the 6 rapper, he’s already sold over 600,000 copies. Drake made the exciting announcement during his album release party in Toronto last night, revealing he got a text message saying “We sold like 630,000 some records in one night.”

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It’s a pretty incredible achievement, to say the least, and now that the RIAA has switched their stance on including streaming numbers into their gold and platinum certifications, it’s only a short matter of time before VIEWS clutches a platinum plaque, especially considering Drake made the wise decision to include “Hotline Bling” — which has been streamed 400 million times on Spotify, with 700 million YouTube plays — as a bonus song on the album.

To put this into perspective, Forbes broke down the numbers, revealing that “1,500,000 streams is the equivalent of 1,000 actual album sales.” That may not seem like much, but factoring in “One Dance + Pop Style,” which have been streamed a whopping 67 million and 18 million times, respectively, and… well, you see where this is going. Congrats to Drake and the entire OVO team.

Bonus time: Drake performs “Energy” at the Maple Leaf Square in Toronto as a part of the Raptors halftime show, even though they were facing off the Pacers in Indiana last night.