Out Of Nowhere, Hope Wright Drops ‘Local Legend’ LP

blame it on Meka May 3, 2016

Back during the infantile stages of the DopeHouse’s existence, I would meet a guy from Compton by the name of Hope Wright. Although relatively young, he possessed a mature and otherworldly lyrical craft not unlike another Compton hero, and a knack for making music that while rooted in traditional West Coast sensibilities was unlike anything I’d ever heard at the moment. I was so impressed of his music that this site presented his sophomore mixtape, Believe In Hope Wright, in 2012.

Then? He disappeared completely off the face of music seemingly overnight. Save for a handful of loose one-offs, I’d not heard (or seen, for that matter) from him in years, save for sporadic tweets that occasionally paint my timeline. Coincidentally, it is because of these tweets which brings us here today.

As I was shutting down my computer for the night, I spotted a tweet — the first I’d personally seen in months — from Hope, linking to a song. Curious, I scrolled down his timeline to discover more, and lo and behold the song was a single from a new project he quietly released, Local Legend. His first full-length release in over four years, the project was recorded over the course of four days in March and April 2016. At under 40 minutes, the 11-track project is reminder of why I was such a champion of his music. Stream it below, and download it for free at his e-home.