T-Pain – “Laugh N Dab” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 5, 2016

So, we still have no idea if when T-Pain’s Stoicville: The Phoenix will come out, but that still hasn’t stopped Teddy from releasing new content. “Officially Yours,” “Hundred Mo Dollas,” “Look At Me” and an incredible remix to “Panda” all have dropped this year with no implications of T-Pain’s next studio coming out. With his new cut, “Laugh N Dab,” it only pushes my belief we’ll get another mixtape (following The Iron Way) before Stoicville hits our ears.

Anyway, “Laugh N Dab,” and its subsequent video, seem to be poking fun at generic trap sounds that dominate rap music today. (It’s a genre that uses plenty of autotune, and we all know who perfected and popularized it.) “Laugh and dab, laugh and dab. Money long, Cadillac,” T-Pain raps on the hook, as clips of him showing off his riches play along with it.

In the video, he’s literally bench pressing his money. He’s also rapping with his GRAMMYs on display, leaning on a Cadillac with plenty of women in the room and dancing in front of an ice cream truck. While many people who rap about their affluence and success can sometime come into question, we know for damn sure T-Pain ain’t lying.

Watch the video above.