O’hene Savant’s ‘A Lack Of Conversation’ Is a Must Listen

blame it on Shake May 7, 2016

After listening to O’hene Savant‘s new album, A Lack Of Conversation, I was brought back to the first time I posted the Philly emcee in 2007.

I first got introduced to the Philly musician (remember MySpace?) when I randomly came across this track “The Eraz of Flow” off his 2004 release The Rapademics. Impressed with his ability to capture and reproduce the flows used by the likes of De La Soul, Das EFX, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Naughty By Nature and more in a 93 second time span; I went on a hunt and snatched up his two albums. The aforementioned Rapademics and 2006’s Inner City Soul. After giving them continuous spins, I quickly realized this dude had much more to offer. Rocking that soul/jazz/rock/blues style hip hop that I’m a huge fan of.

That same year, O’hene went on to release two more projects that would remain in constant rotation: Mysterion 7 and Nino Simone by…. And, in the nine years that followed, he continued to deliver quality (and, unfortunately, overlooked) projects like 2011’s I Am O’hene and 2012’s The Unknown.

Still at it, the multi-talented musician has released another album that deserves some attention. Dedicated to those who live outside the box, O’hene Savant presents A Lack Of Conversation.

Press play and quit sleeping.