ILOVEMAKONNEN – “Sound Like Who?” (prod. Danny Wolf)

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 12, 2016

There was “Trust Me Danny” and “Loaded Up,” and now there’s “Sound Like Who?”

I’m not saying every song is a hit, but the iLoveMakonnen and Danny Wolf connection is one I’m starting to look forward to. On their latest collab, Makonnen covers a similar theme: he feels a ton of people in music are trying to sound like him. Or, more specifically, he and Danny Wolf.

Now, I saw Makonnen tweeted the other day he was planning on retiring by 2017, but I’m gonna go ahead an call bullshit on that one. He concluded a string of tweets saying, “If I could release music how I wanted I wouldn’t retire, but then if did that, so many would have to to just retire, so ill accept retire.” That’s a very laissez faire approach to his career, which hasn’t exactly been laissez faire up to this point.

Maybe I just hear songs like “Sound Like Who?” and realize there’s plenty of untapped potential. But hey, we’ve got at least another year of Makonnen, so I’ll try and shut up and enjoy it while I can.