JSWISS – “Sunshine to Rain” f. Maya Azucena

blame it on JES7 May 14, 2016

After taking the better part of 2016 off, New York spitter JSWISS makes a grand return with the astonishingly soulful “Sunshine to Rain” featuring the ethereal vocals of Maya Azucena.

Produced by Brady Watt, “Sunshine to Rain” serves as the lead single for JSWISS’s upcoming EP, No Music, slated for a June 24th release. Give it a spin below, and check for the lyrics after the jump.

How’s the fam how’s life how you feel
Been spitting for this long but still get chills
On the record, even though I come to expect it
Das effect been the same every time I mic check it
1,2 mic check am I coming through clear
Yo this ain’t no 9 to 5 dawg this a career
So busy and all empty, never at all tipsy
I’m off life when I had enough then come get me
I’m alright me the fam is all tight,
And we gon live it up til it’s light that’s all night,
An audience wit the ambience of Mardi Gras
That’s worldwide wit admission to party far
Forever conscious I’m well aware it’s a good time
Work then women, two times the good grind,
I’m just tryna balance it out
You and me kings and queens we all got clout
Now let’s bounce

(Maya Azucena)
Sunshine to rain, don’t bring me the pain/
The peace I feel, it comes from within

This be the jam if you wanted hip hop (man)
This be the jam if wanted that funk (man)
This be the jam you could play for yo kids (man)
This the jam you could bump if you grown (it’s whatever you want)
And with that, this bout as hard it gets
To be resisting the rhythm and not respond to the track
Party packed to the back door
Your heals is mad sore no buggin the DJ this just what you asked for
It’s love I clap for, any and everybody
Who did what they mind set and made it impactful
Thoughts go to those that we lost in them battles
External, internal we celebrate wit a glass full
This for the people who just wanted a shot
To build a life from a passion because they love it a lot
I breathe I spit and hence I flow
This life no music this I know
There it is my mind stimulated, my rep’s decorated
My skills venerated, my doubts never made it
My claims demonstrated, your mood elevated
Beats got celebrated marinated decimated
I got the itch to go create and never hesitated
Me and the music every minute never separated
Spontaneous a vibe never needs warning
I rhyme you move go and do your thing on it

(Maya Azucena)
Sunshine to rain, don’t bring me the pain/
The peace I feel, it comes from within