M1 (of dead prez) – Between Me and the World (Album)

blame it on JES7 May 14, 2016


As the 2016 Presidential elections continue to ramp up, and Obama’s tenure as Commander In Chief winds down, the geopolitical climate grows thicker, and tougher to penetrate by nonconforming Millennials. There also appears to be a void of rappers and artists who should be voicing their opinions on political corruption and social issues plaguing our nation, but fear not, as dead prez‘s M1 once again steps up to the plate to address such disturbing topics.

The Brooklyn-born rapper/activist has connected with Italian producer Bonnot for the third eye-opening album Between Me and the World, which details the corruption of the Big Tobacco industry (“Tobacco Inc.”), police brutality and bucking the system (“Open”) and the prison industry complex (“Real OG”).

As well as raising awareness through music, M1 and Bonnot have also founded the AP2P (All Power To The People) crew which combines the Black Liberation movement and the Italian radical left with a message of “co-operation and togetherness.”

“We are experiencing something we haven’t experienced before in how we engage in the political process… and this sense of community is one of the most important of M1 & Bonnot’s gifts to the people.”

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