Here Is 50 Cent In An Odd Commercial For Hostels

blame it on Meka May 19, 2016

50 Cent — ye of the shillings of a great television show, flavored water, underwear, headphones, those weirdly-cut tank tops — is back, but this time he is the face of a relatively new service… hostels?

Okay, so it’s not entirely a new thing. But with Airbnb cornering the rental lodging market, Hostel World is aiming to corner the… uh… hostel market, and the company has enlisted in the services of one Curtis Jackson to help them promote it. How? With a budget version of MTV Cribs, “In Da Hostel.” Taking place in Barcelona, Spain, 50 takes viewers on a “tour” of his “community vibe.” It’s a bit chuckle-inducing, at the very least.

It still doesn’t make me want to share a room, much less a bathroom, with 47 other people, however.