Hope Wright – “Outgrew You”

blame it on Meka May 20, 2016

On his 2011 project Believe In Hope Wright, the Compton emcee has a song called “Me&Her.” In my younger and more emotionally naïve days, the song reminded me of the person I was with at the time, and I was convinced that — at that time — we would be together forever. Things didn’t go according to plan, however, and I’d stopped listening to “Me&Her” for years as every time I caught a snippet of the song it would make me remember the cold, sharp sting that is an idiosyncrasy of heartbreak.

Eventually I moved on from things, and this new track from Hope “Outgrew You” is essentially the aurally equivalent of that. While the song is based on the age-old adage of “best friends becomes strangers,” the song’s second verse is a reminder that despite what happened with that relationship the appreciation will still remain despite that the love has long left me.