Chance The Rapper Debuts ‘TLOP’ Demos, Talks Kanye West & More with Zane Lowe

blame it on Meka May 24, 2016

Today (May 24th) Chance The Rapper reconnected with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe (previously, Zane unveiled the single “No Problem” a few hours before Coloring Book), where he went into great detail on the album, his spirituality, his connection with Kanye West, and much, much more.

During the sit-down with Zane, Chano from 79th revealed why, exactly, he does not like the major label ideal: “I don’t agree with the way labels are set up. I don’t agree that anyone should sign 360 deals, or sign away their publishing, or take most of the infrastructure that’s included in a formal deal… a lot of those people tried to make it really hard for me to release my project.”

Chance also disclosed that he began working on Coloring Book back in 2014 when he briefly relocated to Los Angeles, and credits “blasting lots of Kirk Franklin” for kick-starting the sonic shaping of the album. This is when some of the more notable moments of the interview happened.

While speaking on his relationship with Kanye West, and how he has influenced his decision to remain staunchly independent (West even offered Chance a deal with G.O.O.D. Music), Chance The Rapper debuted his rough versions of “Waves” and “Famous” that Kanye ultimately removed his verses from, and that he wanted to connect with Kanye on “a project called Good Ass Job.”

“Waves” x “Famous” [Demos]

Chance also speaks on Spike Lee, Justin Bieber, his favorite song on Coloring Book (“How Great,” because Jay Electronica), the city of Chicago, his family, and being a father himself.


Check out some choice quotes and listen to the entire interview below.

A joint project with Kanye West?

The main thing we want to connect on is this project called ‘Good Ass Job.’ That’s a thing that we talked about a long time ago and everything that we’ve been working on together has been a piece of it whether we were together in a room or not.

Chance is a proud Jay Elect stan.

I’m Jay Electronica’s biggest fan. I’ve always been. From as long as I can remember, back to high school, I was always fucking with Jay Elect. He’s a very well-read, well-educated dude.

What’s next?

I like making mixtapes. I might make a tape with Jay Electronica soon. I might make a tape with anybody… let me stop doing that.