Nitty Scott, MC – “All The Flowers”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 31, 2016

Some people stick to smoking. Some people don’t do drugs at all. Some stick to the drugs that aid in self-discovery, deep thought and hallucinations of Killer Mike and El-P taking the form of praying mantises sitting criss-cross on your couch watching themselves at a Bernie Sanders rally. But Nitty Scott, MC? She’ll, as she says, “take you to the moon,” but it better come from the ground first.

On her newest tune, “All The Flowers,” she details everything she’s willing to take or hook you up with, from the obvious (marijuana) to the stuff that’s a bit less recreational (peyote, mushrooms). And just in case you’re in trouble with your girl while you’re in the mood to pick up psychedelics, she’s got some nice lilacs for you, too. Surprise her for a change.

“All The Flowers” will land on Nitty’s upcoming CREATURE! project and is produced by Fast Life Beats. Stream the song below.