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John Robinson – “Water the Plants” (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 1, 2016

Basic science explains how water is fundamentally vital to all life on our planet. There’s no need to go through the steps of the scientific method to reach this conclusion; we all learned this in our formative years of school by following DJ Khaled on Snapchat, right? We water our plants to further the process of photosynthesis, and in return, said plants provide food (and even shelter and clothing in some cultures — the basic necessities of life) and provide oxygen via photosynthesis, making it the perfect balance between humans and nature.

Scienz of Life’s (see the connection?) John Robinson has recently decided to flip this concept and apply it to the culture we hold so dearly to our hearts: Hip-Hop, with his recent Water the Plants EP. The collection of songs found on the EP were created during moments of inspiration while on multiple business trips to Los Angeles, with an end goal to “curate, cultivate and nurture the growth and evolution of Hip-Hop Culture.”

The Brooklyn emcee further develops these ideas, while also encouraging the listener to provide their own interpretation of the metaphorical connection on the EP’s title song and video, filled with heavy jewels. It’s a song that may need multiple listens in order to unravel the many layers and finally be able to pick and eat the fruit. Watch the clip up top and head over to John’s Bandcamp for more info plus purchase links.