Russ – “DiMaggio”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 2, 2016

Before even listening to Russ‘ new song, “DiMaggio,” you can probably relate the name to the famous Yankees center fielder, Joe. Now Joe is most famous for in getting a hit in 56 straight games. He did so in 1941, and no one has beaten the record since then. But Russ feels like he’s developing a streak of his own to compete with the Yankee Clipper.

With goals to headline the Staples Center by the age of 24, Russ plans to take a streak of hits with him. Now while it might be a bit more apt if he made his way to Barclays or Yankee Stadium with songs like “DiMaggio” by his side, he certainly have his choice of songs to play, seeing as he’s dropped about 573,850 since the start of last year.